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Managed Cyber Security Services

Specialised Information Security Services to address the volatile nature of Security Threats

As a security expert, you know the many ways that your network and business information are vulnerable. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. You don't want the integrity of your data compromised and you certainly don't want to be the next big breach headline. Businesses are turning to Tendai ICT NOC & SOC Managed Services to find specialist skills and resources to meet these challenges without adding to their capital expenditure

Organisations are realising not all threats risk can be prevented or mitigated – data breaches will occur. What’s more, amplified data privacy legislation e.g the Protection of Personal Information Act – is placing increased security compliance pressure on businesses. Their fate is determined by the accuracy and speed of response. With limited IT budgets and in-house resources, companies are turning to Tendai ICT Managed Security Services to ensure the accuracy and speed of their security management, thus providing the specialist skills set and tools to maximise their security investments and provide a strong line of defence against rising threats.


Tendai ICT Network Monitoring

Managed infrastructure monitoring solution with focus on systems, devices, traffic and applications.


Tendai ICT Security Monitoring

Round the clock monitoring of critical infrastructure – eliminating high CAPEX costs.

  • Hardware, service and IP monitoring network analysis and diagnostics
  • Infrastructure monitoring and trend analysis
  • Firewall KPI tracking and reporting
  • Contextual analysis from certified engineers
  • Log management and contextual analysis
  • Security information and event management
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Configuration and asset management
  • Adds reporting on IPS events
  • DNS monitoring
  • MS active directory and exchange monitoring

With Tendai ICT Managed Services, you can expect...

  • Around the-clock support, from our Security Operations Centre (SOC), staffed with cryptographic experience. Experts with in-depth services are provided in a range of small to complex networks and highly varied environments.
  • Integrated threat intelligence from Tendai ICT's skilled engineering team. Let this highly skilled group worry about your network monitoring, SIEM or firewall security so you don't have to. Increase your up-time, prevent infections and keep malware out. You get contextual analysis - not alerting - standard
  • compliance support for varied regulations & industry standards, incl. GDPR, PoPI, FIPS, PCI, SOX, HIPAA & various ISO's. We have extensive expertise in compliance in order to help you navigate the complexity of mandates
  • Great value with zero capital investment, transparent flat-rate pricing and long-term reduced predictable costs. You can expect smooth and simple integration and on-boarding to ensure speed and effectiveness of set-up

Round the clock support

24/7/365 support from our award-winning global SOC in South Africa, running leading security and cryptographic technologies operated by highly skilled accredited security professionals. Our SOC facility is PCI:ISO 27001 and VISA accredited.

Experienced security engineers

Learn from our first-hand experience. We have decades of combined experience. Consider us part of your extended team. We offer seamless integration to your service desk & ticketing system.

accredited and Assured

We use ISO 9000 / 20000 / 27001 certified processes. Analysts with CISSP, CCNS, CompTIA; ITIL V3; CoBIT 5.0 certifications & multiple vendor accreditations - Qualys, Check Point, Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, BlueCoat and more.

Special Skills

Your team is already stretched to its limits, balancing the challenges stemming from the need for a broad range of general skills with the requirement for specialist skills. Tendai ICT can be your specialist. We can monitor your crypto environment around the clock.